Q - "How many years have you been in business?"

A - "I have been in business since 2009 so about 12 years formally."

Q - "Are you family-owned and operated?"

A - "Family-owned, family operated, and family micro-managed."

Q - "What makes you stand out compared to your competitors?"

A - "I do things the right way and refuse to take shortcuts. If it is not something I would do in my own home; I will not be doing it in yours. It is my name that is going on the job. I like to take pride in my work and know that it was completed in the proper manner."

Q - "Is your business involved in the community? (team sponsorships, volunteer work, community service, etc.)"

A - "Yes, giving back to the community we do business in is an intergyral part of my philosophy and upbringing."

"RSC3 is a proud partner with Western Connecticut's Habitat for Humanity. This means we agree to donate our labor and assist in building homes for the families that Habitat for Humanity has selected. We also donate salvageable building materials and extra building supplies to the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore for resale to raise funds for said builds. "
"RSC3 is a proud partner with Western Connecticut's Community Outreach program. Assisting qualifying elderly and low-income individuals with home repairs at little or no cost to them."
"RSC3 is a proud sponsor of the Clean City Danbury Day in assisting residents in dissuading hazardous materials and unwanted household goods."
"RSC3 is a proud sponsor of Adopt a Street in Danbury CT cleaning and maintaining two streets one of which is a major thruway."

Q -"What's the most important thing you'd like your customers to take away from you and your business?"

A - "I want my customers to take away a feeling of overwhelming satisfaction with the jobs I perform for them. I know clients appreciate the superior customer service and brutal honesty I offer. I would like for my clients to think of the process that they undertook in choosing a general contractor and appreciate the extra steps that I take to ensure and facilitate the end result that we all have in mind. I have a theory on home remodels and onions. It is basically my goal is to not make the homeowner cry but the homeowner must know how many layers of the home they want me to peel back. Their satisfaction is why I go to work every day. I have been fortunate enough for my customers to recommend me to their family members and friends. For me, this type is a type of advertising I can't buy and the best gift a customer can bestow to me."

Q - "Why did you start your business?"

A - "I have always been a hands-on person, more importantly, I always enjoyed questioning nearly everything and asking the simple question of why? I never intended to get into construction. I have two college degrees, I always thought I would be more of a law school type. Murphy's law I guess. I experienced a water loss in my own home and if it could go wrong it did. I could have saved my mother a lot of money if I did go to law school is all I know. The water mitigation company did X, Y & Z wrong. Then my mother hired a contractor without a contract who ran off with half of our rebuild budget and did tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage to our home. I had been telling my mother I did not think things were going right and being done properly. There were lots of family arguments about things going wrong. The building inspector confirmed all of this later on. Eventually, this ended up being my first official home renovation. My mother is one of my most difficult clients to please. I learned the trade out of necessity and a quid pro quo. I learned that the cost of tools was incidentals compared to the cost of the job and that the most important thing is family. It was a learning process for me but I ended up being rather good at estimating costs, projecting realistic timelines, and sticking to deadlines. I was a perfectionist in every aspect and my skills were noticed. I later decided to go and buy a truck and start making money, doing things myself."

Q - "What are your goals for the future?"

A - "I see myself branching out into specialty fields of the trade and finding qualified individuals whom I can trust to run different portions of my business."

Q - "What is your experience/background within your field?"

A - "Just about everything, I started in masonry when I was only 13 doing retaining walls and patios. I had a slight detour in the landscaping business until I ended up back in construction doing roofs and siding. I really found my passion doing interior work thou, hardwood flooring, trim, kitchens, baths, and painting. The complete home remodels and making a home more functional for the family it's serving. I like thinking outside of the box and if it works for my clients then it works for me."